Next Steps

Once you know us and think that you would like Ashburton Presbyterian Church to be you ‘spiritual home’, we encourage you to take some steps to enter more fully into the life and fellowship of the church.


Step 1 If you think you need to find out more about the basics of the Christian faith, become involved in an Introducing God course.

Step 2 If you haven’t already done so; join one of our community groups. You will be made to feel at home.

Step 3 If you haven’t already, become baptised, or if you were baptised as an infant and wish to make a profession of faith, then do that. We are commanded to be baptised as an outward sign of the inward reality of the new life we have in Jesus. We will take you through baptism / ‘profession of faith’ classes to help prepare you for this step.

Step 4 If you are committed to following Jesus and have decided to make Ashburton Presbyterian Church you ‘spiritual home’, we would encourage you to become a church member. This is taking an important (biblical) commitment to the other people who make up the church. There is no qualification other than to belong to Jesus and desire to follow Him. We will be happy to take you through a membership class.

Step 5 We would love to help you discover the spiritual gifts God has given you and to find ways to use them in service and ministry.